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Nicabate CQ Clear Stop Smoking Aid, 24 Hours Controlled Release Nicotine Patches. Step 3 Delivers 7mg of Nicotine Over 24 Hours. Step 3: 7 Clear patches, 1-week kit. Nicabate Clear is part of a programme designed to support your wish to stop smoking. The programme contains 3 steps which you will need to follow, starting with Step 1, then Step 2, then Step 3. Each Step has its own strength of Nicabate Clear patch; the patches are designed to supply your body with the correct amount of nicotine, which decreases as you go from Step 1 to Step 3.
Ingredients Each patch contains 36mg of Nicotine.
Warnings Use only as directed. Keep this medicine out of reach of children. Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Dispose of used nicotine patch where children cannot get hold of it. Do not smoke or use any other nicotine product while on the Nicabate CQ Clear programme.
Directions Apply one patch at the same time everyday, preferably on waking. Press patch firmly onto clean, dry, non hairy skin, holding it in place for 10 seconds. Do not re-apply to previously used skin for 7 days. Full instructions are given in the enclosed leaflet. Be sure to complete the entire Nicabate CQ Clear Step down programme:; Step 1 (21mg) - Initial treatment period - Once daily for 6 weeks.; Step 2 (14mg) - Step down period - Once daily for 2 weeks.; Step 3 (7mg) - Step down period - Once daily for 2 weeks.; * If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day you should start with Step 2 (14mg/24 hours patch) and use this for 6-8 weeks, then 2-4 weeks on Step 3 (7mg/24 hours patch).

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