If your question is not answered in the following list of FAQ’s, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service Team on 07 5510 7760 for more information.
The price you see online may vary with the price available in store. You are welcome to contact your local Cincotta Discount Chemist to confirm their price on a particular product. You can find the contact details for your nearest Cincotta Discount Chemist here.


How will I know if my online order has been completed successfully?
You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as you finish the checkout process. If you don't receive an email or if you are unsure whether your order was successful, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team at 1300 787 868.

Is there a minimum order amount?
No, there is minimum amount required to place an order on the Cincotta Discount Chemist Website. 

What is the CCV on a credit/debit card?
It is the 3-digit code located on the back of your credit card, above the signature box and next to the 16-digit credit card number. 
What payment methods can I use for online purchases?
You can use VISA, MasterCard, AMEX to purchase from our online store. 

Why is my order cancelled?
There are a few reasons why your order may be cancelled. Examples include: Out of Stock, unanswered phone calls during our verification checks with you, failure to collect your parcel(s), etc. Our Customer Service Team will be able to provide an answer regarding your order. You can reach them 07 5510 7760.

Can I order over the phone?
No, we cannot accept phone orders. If you require guidance on online purchase, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team at 07 5510 7760

How do I track my orders online?
You can log into My Account to view the status of your order. You can also check your emails for notifications related to your order. You may also choose to opt in for tracking notifications from Australia Post.

As we use Australia Post's eParcel service, you can also find Australia Post's delivery schedule and status here: http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/standard-delivery.html  

I received a phone call requesting for my credit card verification, what is this about? 
This is a security process to prevent unauthorised use of your credit card. This process is in place to protect your interests as a credit card holder.  

Is my order confidential? 
Yes. We do not share your order details with third parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details. 

I have ordered through Cincotta Online Store before, but I want my next order to be delivered to a new address. How do I do this? 
You can order as normal and follow the prompts through the website. A question will appear asking if you want this order to be sent to a pre-filled address (this should be the address you provided during your last online purchase) or if you would like to use a different postal address. If you wish to change the address, select this option and fill in the details, then continue as normal. 

Can I place my order over the phone? 
Phone ordering is not available. Orders must be placed on the website. 
If you require guidance on how to make an online purchase, please contact our Customer Service Team via 1300 787 868 and they will be able to assist you. 

My order has been rejected but the bank has taken the money from my credit card. 
We use Eway as our payment gateway. Eway has pre-authorises the transaction with your bank, but no money has actually been withdrawn if the transaction is shown as "pending". Please note your bank will hold the pre-authorised funds until the transaction is resolved. This will appear on your statement as "CC Pharmacy Management Pty Ltd" Typically, the bank will release the funds automatically in less than 10 days. If you have any concerns, it's best to contact your bank first. 

How can I receive my orders without paying freight?
Shipping is free when your order value exceeds $99 and the parcel weight is less than 3kg. 



I can't find a particular product online; can you please help?
If you cannot find the product via the search bar, it is likely that the online store does not carry this product at this time. If the product you would like is listed as unavailable or out of stock, please check back soon to purchase. You can call our Customer Service Team on 07 5510 7760  to enquire about specific product availability. 

Are you able to check if a particular store has a particular product in stock? 
No - however our Customer Service Team can assist in locating the nearest store for you and provide you their phone number for such enquiries. You can call our Customer Service Team at 07 5510 7760. 

I have a copy of the new Cincotta Discount Chemist catalogue, but I can't find some of the items on the website?
We endeavour to stock all catalogue items on the Cincotta Discount Chemist Online Store website. However, some items may be too bulky, have limited availability, or are unsafe to send through the post. Therefore, they are not listed online. However our website is able to provide many specials and discounted items 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Do the physical Cincotta Discount Chemist stores stock the same products as listed on the Cincotta Discount Chemist Online Store website?
Not all products on the Cincotta Discount Chemist website are available at our physical Cincotta stores. Please contact your local Cincotta Discount Chemist store to help you find the product you are looking for.

What policy does Cincotta Discount Chemist Online Store have in regard to expiry dates of the products you supply?
Our policy is to supply products with at least a 3-month expiry beyond the normal expected time it would take to consume based on normal dosages. As we have no control over expiry dates supplied from the manufacturer, we are unable to supply requests for extended expiry dates and we do not recommend ordering any more than 6 months’ supply of any product. Any order more than 6 months’ supply or in excess of retail quantities is at the risk of the purchaser in regard to expiry dates.