Umberto Silvio Cincotta, who became known as Albert, realised a lifelong dream when he opened his pharmacy in the outer Sydney suburb of Merrylands in December 1951.

His motto was 'Famous for Value'. It was chosen to highlight his commitment to moving with the times and providing value for money with outstanding customer service.

Albert was one of the first chemists to provide prescriptions at affordable prices, a benefit greatly appreciated by the young hard-working families in Merrylands' early days. During the 1960s, he recognised the need for customers to obtain pharmaceuticals after normal business hours and fought through the courts until he won the right to offer after hours trading.

From those small beginnings, the Cincotta Discount Chemist brand has not only become an icon in Sydney, it has quickly spread all over country New South Wales and interstate. Customers are loyal to Cincotta Discount Chemist because of its low everyday prices, fantastic range and traditional caring service.

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