Nair Easiwax Mini Strips 20

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Nair Easiwax Mini Wax Strips remove unwanted hair from the body quickly and easily. In just a few minutes, your skin will be left smooth and hair-free for up to 4 weeks. Suitable for all skin types and dermatologically tested.
Warnings Any overheated wax can cause serious burns. For a safe and effective hair removal experience follow the steps exactly.
Directions Warm a double sided strip by holding between your hands and massaging for a few seconds. Slowly separate the strips, taking care that the wax contents are spread out uniformly. You now have two strips ready to use. Use one at a time. Apply to the area to be waxed, smoothing down over the hair to be removed, in the direction of hair growth. Press down hard on the strip to ensure that the wax is gripping all of the hairs, especially if you are reusing the strip. Immediately hold skin taut, and quickly zip strip back against the direction of hair growth. By removing the strip immediately after application, any temporary irritation or redness will be minimised. When removing the strip, make sure that you keep the strip close to the skin. Do not pull the strip off in an upward motion.

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