Microlax Microenema - 5ml x 12

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Microlax 12 Tubes of 5ml Microenema Provide Gentle Relief of Constipation Usually Within 30 Minutes. Microlax is a fast acting enema used to relieve constipation or open the bowels.
Ingredients Each 5mL tube of Microlax contains:Sodium citrate 90mgand#47;mlsodium lauryl sulfoacetate 9mgand#47;mlsorbitol 625mgand#47;ml.As well as glycerol, sorbic acid and water.
Warnings Keep out of reach of children.Do not swallow.Do not remove tube from carton until immediately before use.Do not use if you are:- Allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the carton.Do not use if:- The cap is separated from the tube as it has been opened.
Directions 1. Twist and pull the seal of nozzle.2. Squeeze the tube slightly so that a drop of Microlax smears the tip and makes insertion easier.3. Insert the nozzle fully into the rectum. NB. In children under 3 years of age, insert only half the length of the nozzle (see indication on nozzle).4. Squeeze out the contents fully by squeezing the shoulder of the tube.5. Keeping the tube squeezed tightly, withdraw the nozzle.Administer the contents of one tube rectally as a single dose.

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