Listerine Coolmint - 250ml

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When used twice daily as part of regular oral hygiene, Listerine Cool Mint kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. Plaque is caused by germs in the mouth. Plaque build up may lead to gingivitis, an early form of gum disease. The symptoms of gingivitis are redness, swelling and bleeding gums. Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss. 
Ingredients Each mL contains:Ethanol 0.22mL,Benzoic Acid 1.5mg,Thymol 0.64mg,Cineole (Eucalyptol) 0.92mg.Also contains Saccharin Sodium.
Warnings Do not use if cap seal is broken or missing.If symptoms persist, see your doctor or dentist.Not recommended for children under the age of 12 years. Keep out of reach of children.
Directions Brush, floss then rinse with Listerine.Rinse and gargle 20mL undiluted for 30 seconds, twice daily. Expel the liquid.

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