Dermal Therapy Exfoliating Foot Mask 1 Pack

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Dermal Therapy Exfoliating Foot Mask is an easy to use foot sock, formulated with a special exfoliation technology using both urea and acids for superior efficacy. It contains a unique combination of exfoliating agents that enable smart penetration resulting in visibly smooth feet from 2 and up to 3 weeks*. Also containing 6 skin conditioning agents that calm freshly exfoliated skin. It is important to choose an appropriate moisturiser to care for recently peeled skin. Dermal Therapy Exfoliating Foot Mask comes in a pack which includes a free and convenient 100ml travel size Dermal Therapy Sensitive Skin Lotion.Dermal Therapy Sensitive Skin Lotion is an intensive, yet gentle moisturising lotion designed to deeply nourish and hydrate sensitive skin. It is an ideal after care moisturiser. What to expect when using an exfoliating foot mask:After the treatment is complete, peeling will not start immediatelyOnce peeling commences it will continue through all treated layers which may take daysDue to individual heel condition and skin composition results are expected to vary* Combination of 6 skin calming and conditioning agents.- Papaya- Lemon- Apple- Orange- Chamomile Extract- Menthol
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