Depend Super Underwear Realfit Women Medium 8 Pack

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Depend Real-Fit Super for women disposable underwewar is 60% more absorbent than Regular Depend Real-Fit underwear making it ideal for heavy bladder leakage and overnight protection. 3-in-1 protection offers worry-free odour control, fast absorption and a discreet fit. Cotton-like disposable underwear in neutral colour that looks, fits and feels like real underwear. Size Medium is suitable for waist 71-102cm, weight 52-86kg. Depend® Real-Fit Super Underwear for Women is specifically designed to fit and feel like real underwear and protect against heavy loss of bladder control. Depend® incontinence underwear is soft, discreet and breathable making it very comfortable to wear. It is 60% more absorbent than regular Real-Fit underwear making it ideal for overnight protection.

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