Surigpack Water Stop Reusable Ear Plugs 6279

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1 pair of reusable ear plugs with cord. Protection against noise and water. Soft, flexible seals for a comfortable fit. Insertion stem allows clean handling. Tri flange reusable plug Easy insertion stem Ideal for swimming, showering and general noise reduction. 18db SLC80 rating noise reduction. Removable neck cord option.
Ingredients Latex Free.
Directions Hold ear plug by the stem and push gently into the ear canal until it feels sealed. Adjust for improved comfort and fit. A slight twisting action can assist adjustment and extraction. The cord is convenient for swimming or for resting around the neck when the plugs are used and removed repeatedly. The cord can be discarded if required, by pulling it gently out of the stem, without damaging the plug. The cord should not be used to extract the plug. The plugs can be washed in warm soapy water and after drying should be stored in the case provided.

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