REXONA For Men Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant Aerosol Active Fresh 180 ML

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No sweat. It’s no big deal, right? Actually, sometimes it is. Sometimes sweating can hold you back. Your usual antiperspirant may not quite cut it. It's tTime to discover something stronger. Something anti sweat. A clinical strength antiperspirant you can rely on. Although sweating may sometimes hold you back from day to day activities, it’s no match for our Clinical Protection Antiperspirant for men. It will not let you down. To combat heavy sweating and help you stay dry and fresh, Rexona has developed breakthrough Defence+ Technology that creates an anti sweat micro shield to help protect you from sweat for 96 hours. Our clever antiperspirant is 3x stronger versus a basic antiperspirant, making it extra-enduring. Specially formulated to provide clinical protection when you need it most – which is sometimes every day. This clinical strength antiperspirant helps form a barrier against sweat for that fresh feeling, no matter what. Feel unstoppable all day long with our best antiperspirant spray. The scent? Fresh citrus with hints of fruits and comforting woods, warm spices and rich amber. This antiperspirant comes in aerosol spray. To apply, spray the aerosol daily to clean, dry underarms. Unlike basic antiperspirant, there’s no need to reapply.

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