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Orthaheel Workforce Invented By Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli to Provide Workers With Natural Pain Relief and Support. Size: L Oh Work - Men 10 to 11 and Women 11 to 12. The Scholl Orthaheel Workforce Orthotic is designed for those that are on their feet for extended periods of time to help relieve those aches and pains that often promote fatigue and stress through the working day. The tri-planar motion control system of Scholl Orthaheel has been designed to minimise the stresses in the foot region, and correct foot posture and alignment, which may help provide relief from associated pain. That most people have got a tendency for their foot to roll-over inside and overtime feet can also gradually flatten. As the foot flattens out on the ground, the supporting tissues that run along the bottom of the foot (the plantar fascia) are stretched. If these forces are excessive they can lead to stress and inflammation of the tissues, causing pain under the heel when weight is placed on the foot. Pain in the back of the heel can be caused by inflammation of the tissue that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone (Achilles tendon). The pain can result from the position and movement of the foot causing the tendon to be stretched. It can also be caused by injury. As the foot flattens out on the ground, the leg turns slightly to follow the movement of the foot. If the movement of the foot causes the leg to turn further than the knee can comfortably accommodate, the resulting forces on the knee may lead to stress and pain. Orthaheel is a technological biomechanical solution made from the high grade materials that may help realign the lower limbs through to the hips, to restore the feet and body back to a more favourable position. Orthaheel is a biomechanical solution that may help realign the lower libs through to the hips to restore feet and body to a move favourable position.

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