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Milky Foot Intense Exfoliation Pads are the effortless way to exfoliate your feet.Milky Foot is a luxurious at-home pedicure treatment, which removes hardened skin through its intense peeling action after just one application. No effort required. No tiresome foot filing or messy ointments. Milky Foot's handy little foot exfoliation socks do all the work for you.Milky Foot has recently had a few new improved benefits. With new Milky Foot's more intense peeling, you can get soft, beautiful feet in only 3-7 days. Treatment time now only takes 45-60 minutes giving you more time to get on with life! a more comfortable 3D sock fit has also been designed for your comfort and Milky Foot's latest low irritant formula is great for those with more sensitive skin.

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