Manicare Nail Buffer 3 Step 382

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Manicare 3-Step Nail Buffer, With Bonus Emery Board. Buffs and shines natural nails without the use of polish. Nail buffing smoothes ridges and removes nail surface irregularities, leaving nails with an amazing shine. Bonus Emery board included.
Directions To Use:Make sure your nails are well shaped, free from all polish, clean and dry.Step 1 (Pink) - Smooth away ridges and stains. Use in a light circular motion. Do not try to remove deep ridges at first buff.Step 2 (Blue) - Buff with rapid sideways strokes to achieve a satin finish.Step 3 (Grey) - Buff entire nail thoroughly using the sideways strokes for fabulous shine.Use Pink side sparingly on thin nails.To maintain this super natural shine:Use:Step 1 - (Pink) monthly if needed.Step 2 - (Blue) weekly.Step 3 - (Grey) daily.Care Tip:Lightly wipe over with damp cloth.

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