Manicare Chiropody Pliers 425

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Manicare Chiropody Pliers. Stainless Steel. With Unique Barrel Spring System. Precision heat chiropody pliers with smooth barrel action and hardened blades to assist in cutting and trimming tough toenails or fingernails.
Warnings Sharp implement, keep away from children.
Directions Usage:; Unclip the clasp at the bottom of the pliers by squeezing the handles inwards firmly.; Grip pliers firmly and cut toenails straight across.; Do not cut into corners of the nail, as this may cause ingrown toenails.; Use an emery board or nail file to smooth nail tips, preventing sharp edges and snags.; Re-clasp pliers by firmly gripping the handles as if cutting then push clash back down until it clicks in.; Beauty tips:; To avoid cracking or splitting the nails, soak feet in warm water to soften nails before trimming.

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