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Weight Management Clinic

 Weight Management Clinic

Discover the goodness of healthy living

Whether you want to fast-track your healthy weight loss, get a fresh start with a detox, or cement new habits for the long term, there is an exciting IsoWhey program designed to help you reach your goals!

What does the Cincotta –Isowhey Weight Management Clinic involve?

  • Our six week program is designed to help transform your bad habits into a healthy lifestyle which is sustainable over the long term.
  • Our program starts with six weeks of the “Rapid kick start program” – you can then transition onto the  “sustain and maintain program”
  • The program includes recipes designed by nutritionists and exercise plans developed by personal trainers
  • The program involves meal replacement with IsoWhey protein shakes. Isowhey protein shakes are not only delicious but are a scientifically formulated, high quality protein shake range with added nutrients.
  • You will receive fortnightly personalised health and weight management review and follow up with your trained pharmacy staff to help you stay on track and achieve your personal goals
  • Unlike other weight management programs, we offer this service for free! That’s right – no sign up fees or memberships fees.
  • You will also receive a Member’s only loyalty card with rewards!

What happens at each follow up?

  • Personalised review and follow up with your trained pharmacy staff to help you achieve your personal goals.
  • We set a new realistic goals every fortnight and will review your progress each visit.
  • We will also take some physical measurements: monitoring of weight, waist circumference, BMI and blood pressure and we will review your progress at each visit.
  • We will provide you a printed progress summary so you can visualise your weight management progress
  • Each visit you will move to the next step in the program and you may qualify for additional nutrient protocols.
  • We will also provide monthly emails with new and exciting recipe ideas

Why choose us?

  • It’s simple – we want to offer a lifestyle program that will work for you in the long term, so we have kept the program simple and easy to follow!
  • Delicious tasting IsoWhey protein shakes, recipes and nutritious snacks that will help you manage your weight and increase your energy levels.
  • We will provide ongoing support with fortnightly follow ups focused on your goals and weight management progress.
  • No memberships fees
  • Loyalty rewards!

How do I join?

  • Simple - If you want to take control of your weight, increase your energy levels and live a healthier life join the Cincotta- IsoWhey weight management clinic today!
  • All you have to do is call or visit your local participating Cincotta Discount Pharmacy

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