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Most prescriptions written today are for manufactured medicines. Some people, however, still need medicine that is prepared specifically for their individual needs. The process of preparing these unique items is called compounding. There are lots of reason why a patient will need a compounded product, some of the more common reasons are:

- the medicine may be unavailable in a form that suits the patient, for example, the patient may have trouble swallowing large tablets,

- the main ingredient may not be commercially viable for a manufactured formulation,

- the prescriber may have a particular formula they believe will be most suitable for that patient.

Compounding may involve modifying a manufactured product, or making the product from scratch. Compounders maintain a vast array of raw materials to allow them to efficiently prepare whatever it is that has been prescribed.

All community pharmacies are required to maintain basic compounding equipment for the provision of this service, but Compounding Chemists have all sorts of high-tech devices to allow them to make a safe, effective, potent medicine specifically for you.

Compounding has become a significant part of the prescribing repertoire of many General Practitioners and Specialists working in many different areas of medicine. Compounding is commonly used for people needing:

- dental procedures,

- hormone replacement therapy,

- formulations for children,

- special formulations for their animals.

  Some Herbalists and Naturopaths also request patient- specific products.

Cincotta Discount Chemists can compound your prescription for you. Whether it is a bio-identical hormone, a non-commercial line, fertility medicines, liquid medicine for your children, persistent nail infections, hair loss or strong pain preparations, we can help. We can even make up long acting preparations of some products for you.

We can make: 

Bio-identical hormones in various dose forms (capsules, troches, creams, gels, pessaries etc).
Products deleted by their manufacturers (e.g.Denol, Tetracycline, Cafergot, Ergodryl, Cimetidine, Neo-Medrol, Furazolidone).
Fertility medicine (e.g. Progesterone pessaries etc).
Liquid forms of medications usually available in solid form (e.g. Losec suspension).
Pain medications (e.g. Ketamine cream, anaesthetic creams).
Hair loss treatment (e.g. Minoxidil +/- Retinoic Acid+/- Azaleic Acid).
Long-acting forms of commercially available medications (e.g. Dexamphetamine).

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