Gillette Blades Mach 3 - 4 pack

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Gillette Mach3 Cartridges 4 pack provides up to 60 shaves per pack. With nano-thin blades, a lubricating strip, a microfin skin guard, an advanced pivoting head and individually spring mounted blades. Better than a new disposable even on the 10th shave!An enduring tribute to comfort and performance. Get a closer shave and less irritation that lasts 2X longer than disposables.*Product features:- 3 advanced anti-friction blades help remove each hair with less irritation**- 5 comfort guard microfins smooth skin for an even, effortless shave - Lubrication strip fades to white when effectiveness is reduced *MACH3 razors versus Gillette two-blade disposables, comparing average number of shaves reported by consumers in 2010–2011 national surveys. ** Vs. Gillette CustomPlusSensor 2 disposables.

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