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Threadworms are easy to treat with a single dose of Combantrin treat all family members - including Mum and Dad. Contraindications: acute liver disease, Combantrin is also available in liquid suspension (Australia only). Dosage Chart One 100 mg square for every 10 kg of body weight (Equiv. to 10 mg pyrantel per 1 kg) Take as a single dose, after food
Ingredients Each square contains Pyrantel Embonate equivalent to 100mg Pyrantel.Free of gluten and artificial colour.Contains lactose and sucrose.
Warnings If pregnant, consult your doctor prior to use.Contra-indications: acute liver disease.
Directions Take as a single dose with fluid, after food.Dose: One 100mg tablet for every 10kg of body weight (equivalent to 10mg pyrantel per 1kg).Approximate age is only a guide.Below one year - Consult your doctor.1 - 5 years (10 to 25kg): 1 to 2 squares.6 - 10 years (26 to 45kg): 3 to 4 squares.11 - 13 years (46 to 56kg): 5 squares.14 - 18 years (57 to 70kg): 6 squares.Adults (over 70kg): 7 squares.

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