Cepacaine Solution - 200ml

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Cepacaine or al Solution 200ml Provides Rapid Pain Relief of Painful Conditions of the Mouth and Throat.
Ingredients Contains:Cetylpyridinium chloride 500ug and#47;mLBenzocaine 4mgand#47;mL and ethanol 15% vand#47;vAlso contains:Sodium chloride and Benzyl Alcohol (preservative)Gluten freeLactose free
Warnings Persons with a high fever, severe sore throat or a persistent cough should not use this product unless diredted by a physician.This product whould be used with caution in patients with severely traumatised mucosa and sepsis in the region of the proposed application.Not for use by young children who may inadvertently swallow solution.
Directions Gargle or rinse 10-15 ml of Cepacaine oral solution full strength for 10-15 seconds and expel the liquid.Repeat every 2-3 hours if necessary. Not to be swallowed.

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