Blood Pressure Monitoring

High Blood Pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart, stroke and blood vessel disease. High blood pressure rarely gives warning signs which why it is beneficially to have yours tested – how frequently depends on your circumstances.

The early detection of chronic disease provides an opportunity for their effective treatment and/or management. Once a patient has been diagnosed with a chronic disease, such as heart disease of high blood pressure (hypertension), regular monitoring may be appropriate in the management of their condition.

Cincotta Discount Chemists are ideally placed and fully equipped to assist in the monitoring of blood pressure. While measuring blood pressure is useful and helpful in managing hypertension, it is also used to help identify people at risk of developing certain diseases such as cardio vascular disease and diabetes.

Once we have gathered two or more readings, we can graph the readings, showing any trends in your blood pressure. We can also help you better understand natural fluctuations in blood pressure and advise you when to return to your doctor for further investigations.

It is important to understand a few things about blood pressure. Firstly, blood pressure is recorded, and talked about as two numbers. The first number is the systolic blood pressure and tells us how hard your heart is pumping to send blood from your heart to travel around your body. The second number, the diastolic blood pressure, is an indication of how well your heart relaxes between beats. The units used are millimetres of mercury, abbreviated to mmHg. Remember the old blood pressure monitor doctors used, and some still do? Those old meters had a thin tube containing mercury and the measurement of blood pressure corresponded to how far up the tube the mercury rose. Electronic devices are mostly used now and are just as accurate as the old Sphygmomanometers.

Your local Cincotta Discount Chemist Pharmacist can measure your blood pressure free of charge, talk through your results and provide you with advice on simple lifestyle changes that may assist you with improving your overall health and wellbeing.

For a test that takes under a minute, it can be one that can save your life. Book in for a blood pressure test today!