Blackmores Bio C 1000 Effervescent 10 Tablets

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Blackmores Bio C® 1000 + Effervescent  contains a combination of vitamin C, Echinacea and zinc in a great tasting orange flavoured,98% sugar free, effervescent tablet. With over 200 viruses that can cause the common cold it’s hard to avoid catching a cold. Adults can experience an average of 2-4 colds a year. The immune system is the body’s natural defence mechanism against germs, a healthy lifestyle is a good way to support your immune system. Vitamin C is referred to as an essential nutrient because the body cannot make it or extensively store it and must be obtained from food. Vitamin C supports collagen formation, wound healing and is an antioxidant and reduces free radical damage to body cells. Vitamin C helps reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms due to its ability to support a healthy immune system function. To relieve tiredness and help you recover from illness why not try Blackmores Immune + Recovery. 

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