Beconase 12 hour Hayfever Nasal Spray - 200 sprays

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Beconase all ergy and Hayfever Nasal Spray, Twice Daily.Effective Relief and Prevention. Non Drowsy.
Ingredients Active ingredient: Beclomethasone dipropionate 50mcg per spray.Preservatives: Phenylethyl alcohol 2.5uLand#47;g, Benzalkonium chloride 0.2mgand#47;g.
Warnings Seek medical advice if you:Are pregnant or may become pregnant.Are breastfeeding.Are currently taking another steroid.Suffer from nosebleeds.Have recently had injury or surgery to your nose.Do not experience symptom relief within 7 days.Intend to use the product for more than 6 consecutive months.
Directions How to use this product:For adults and children 12 years and over.Please read the accompanying leaflet before use.Shake gently before use.Discard 3 month after first using.For treatment:2 sprays into each nostril twice daily.For prevention:2 sprays into each nostril twice daily for a few days before expected contact with trigger and#47; allergen. Once symptoms are controlled, protection can be maintained at half the dose: one spray into each nostril, twice daily. This dose may need to be increased if symptoms worsen.

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