Advantix Dog Large - 3 Treatments

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Designed Exclusively for Dogs, Advantix is the Only Spot-On that Kills and Repels Deadly Ticks Before They Have a Chance to Bite Your Dog. Plus, It Protects Against Fleas and Other Flying, Biting Insects.Key Benefits: A Single Adult Paralysis Tick can Paralyse or Worse; Kill Your Dog. Advantix Repels and Kills These Deadly Parasites.(For Paralysis Tick Control Advantix for Dogs Must Be Applied Every 2 Weeks). Advantix Repels and Kills Brown Dog Ticks and Bush Ticks. These Ticks can Infest in Large Numbers, Not Only Looking Bad But Being Difficult to get Rid of for Dog Owners and Irritating for the Dogs. Advantix Kills Fleas Fast; It Stops Fleas Feeding Within 3-5 Minutes and Kills Fleas Within 20 Minutes of Contact, all Without the need for Fleas to Bite First. Goodbye, Flea all ergy Dermatitis. Advantix Repels and Kills Mosquitoes and Sandflies. Dogs can also Suffer From Mosquito and Sand Fly Bites Causing Intense Itching and Scratching. Mosquitoes also Have the Potential to Spread Heartworm, Infecting Dogs As They Feed. Speak to Your Vet About Preventing Heartworm Disease. Advantix Repels and Kills Stable Flies. Stable Flies Leave Painful Bites, Often Drawing Blood As They Feed Most Notably Around Dogs Ears.

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