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Would you like your own Cincotta Discount Chemist franchise store?

We’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to join Cincotta Discount Chemist – a growing and dynamic chemist franchise group in Australia.

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The Cincotta formula is unique

Albert Cincotta got it right when he coined this simple motto for the opening of his Merrylands Chemist shop in 1952. The combination of professional care and discount prices has meant the business has grown and grown – for 62 years so far.

As a pharmacist running a business you know that providing customers with care costs time and discounting prices reduces margins. Unlike other chemist franchise groups, Cincotta puts equal emphasis on care and value – there is no compromise. Cincotta provides an integrated solution that increases both operational efficiency and buying power so that the franchisees have more quality time to spend with customers while generous price discounts are sustainable. No other pharmacy franchise group offers this same balance of ‘care and value.’

Cincotta’s success if proof that care and value are not mutually exclusive

Cincotta Discount Chemist Merrylands currently has annual sales of $29 million and dispenses circa 387,000 prescriptions a year. In 2011 it was voted Sydney’s best chemist by viewers of Channel Seven and listeners of radio station 2UE. Since 2007, 21 new franchise partners have joined Cincotta.

Join Cincotta and experience the difference

We’ll free you up to practice your profession of care.

The services provided to Cincotta Discount Chemist franchisee partners are geared to saving time by increasing operational efficiency. These efficiency gains are achieved through:

  • Work flow efficient dispensary designs
  • Shop front designs that maximise customer traffic flow
  • Standardised designs, construction and signage
  • Central IT
  • Centralised buying – regardless of order sizes
  • Promotions: Catalogue, newspaper, TV, radio
  • Website – Click and Collect online
  • Pharmacy rent negotiations
  • Head office expertise and support on all aspects of operation

We’ll provide you with practical support to improve customer health

Cincotta offers a range of Clinics and Information days to improve health awareness in your community. These include:

  • Asthma awareness day
  • Arthritis awareness day
  • Diabetes day
  • Cardiac awareness week
  • Seniors’ health day
  • Mens’ health day
  • Womens’ health day
  • Baby health clinic
  • Weight loss day
  • Flu clinic
  • Sleep apnoea day

We’ll help you make life easier for your customers by:

  • Keeping scripts on file
  • Script reminders
  • Webster packing
  • Medscheck

We’ll encourage you to be part of your community

Our group buying power is used for scheduled medicines, baby products, toiletries, fragrances and a diverse range of goods. Stocking goods widely used in your community – at discount prices – helps you do more to meet your customers’ needs.

At Cincotta, everything is on special every day:

Group buying power – means you can offer real discount prices on all goods

Reduced operating costs – means you can afford to provide customers with consistently high care.

Albert Cincotta got it right when he coined this simple motto for the opening of his Merrylands Chemist shop in 1952: ‘Famous for Value, Famous for Care.’

Sharing in the Cincotta Success

The owners of Cincotta Discount Chemist franchisee pharmacy partnerships are more than happy to share their success stories with you.

Tram Revesby Tram Nyugen –

Who rebranded her pharmacy to Cincotta Discount Chemist Revesby three years ago, has enjoyed up to a 75% increase in sales from the day she invested in the brand.

The Cincotta Discount franchise can help pharmacists to lower their costs and thus operate profitably at lower retail prices.

This lower cost base sets the platform from which professional services and products are provided and promoted.

Ziad Bazzi –

Who owns two Cincotta Discount Chemists at Engadine and Toukley said the brand was that the ‘forefront of pharmacy.’

“We are a true discounter, not a perceived discounter,” Ziad said. “We provide our customers with the best of both worlds – the best products at the best prices while still dealing with their local pharmacist, who, in most cases, owns the business.”

“In the difficult times we face as pharmacists in terms of prescription remuneration cuts, discount pharmacies and supermarkets, we need to align ourselves with a franchise brand that can help us not only survive, but prosper – Cincotta Discount Chemist has armed us with this strong model and brand.”

Nick Caringbah Nick Bova –

Caringbah franchisee Nick Bova transformed his father’s icon ‘Bova Pharmacy’ into a Cincotta Discount Chemist two years ago.

Nick said: “The Cincotta brand is synonomous with a bigger range, better prices and great customer service. This has ensured our business has attracted new customers, as well as maintaining our existing clients. Our business has gone to a whole new level.

Yasser Zogheib –

Auburn said “Independent pharmacies are going to find it hard to compete in the current market. I tried to hang onto my local community pharmacy but was quickly going out of business.”

“Discounting is the only way we can survive. From the day I joined Cincotta, business has boomed.”


Simon Metcalfe – National Network Development Manager

Phone: 02 8841 8919       Mobile: 0427 494 249      Email:

Cincotta Discount Chemist Management, 55 Kirby St, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia.

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