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McGloins Body Plus Antiseptic Cream 30G

CRK - 100692


Quick Overview

McGloins Body Plus Antiseptic Cream, For The Relief Of Cuts, Sores, Burns, Wounds And Chapped Skin.

Previous Ayrtons Cream 30g

McGloins Body Plus Antiseptic Cream, For The Relief Of Cuts, Sores, Burns, Wounds And Chapped Skin.

Previous Ayrtons Cream 30g

Product Reviews

A must have in our family

11 November 2014, by

Karen Cowan

This cream has been used for at least 5 generations in our family. My grandad used to call it 'magic cream' and tell us he made it in his basement. It's marvoulous stuff clears up everything, even down to sores on my dogs ears. Can't wait for it to be back in stock as we have run out

Please bring this product back

1 November 2014, by

Roy Walton

My family have used this product for 60 years and I am dismayed as I have been unable to purchase it. Please let me know the minute it is available again.

What has happened Ayrtons Antiseptic Cream

31 October 2014, by

Chris Cunningham

Like all the other reviews this cream has been used in our family for the past 80 years It is magic cream Please get back in stock

Where is the Pink Cream ?

26 October 2014, by


I agree with all the other reviews. My family have also used this cream for years. Previously I have bought a jar for each member of the household. I emailed the company that distributes it (on the back of the jar), but never got a reply !!

Bring it back

3 October 2014, by

Chris mason

Fantastic cream now third generation using it, swear by it!!!

We need it, our family and grandchildren need it

2 October 2014, by

Karen Kenyon

WHY why why has this fabulous product been taken off the market. It has been the best antiseptic cream for our family, for 3 generations. When scratches, bites, accidents occur, the grandchildren are now asking for the pink ointment.

The best

29 September 2014, by


The best antiseptic cream ever. Have been using for 30years and everyone I tell about it swears by it too. I just hope it never goes off the market as I would be lost without this product.

The wonderful healing properties of 'pink cream'

16 August 2014, by

A Baker

I am very concerned that this product becomes unavailable and that no-one, including pharmacists, seem to know anything about this wonderful cream. My family has used this cream for around 100 years (my father grew up with it and he was born in 1912) and it is the most unbelievably fantastic healing cream for cuts, sores, etc. that anyone can ever use. It far outstrips anything else out there. Nothing comes close, in our opinion. A world without this cream is a world going backwards. Trouble is, it is not actively marketed or advertised so new generations that come along know nothing about it and I fear it will tragically fall into oblivion. Something needs to be done about it to keep it on the shelves for all to benefit from!

29 July 2013, by

M. Robinson

I have been searching for the 'pink cream' for a while now and was so happy to have found it again. We are now in our fourth generation of using this cream. It is our 'go to' for everything. When there is a cut, burn, rash or anything, we just say, get the pink cream! It really works. Thank you for stocking it in your store.

29 December 2012, by

J. Chittock

Received both products very quickly from time of ordering. This is a great product and have been using it for years. I could not find it in Toowoomba and now great to no that I can purchase it through Cincotta. Thanks

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